The competition for the world’s first management innovation prize has officially closed—and the judging has begun! We’d like to send out a hearty thanks to the hundreds of MIXers who poured their bold thinking and tremendous effort into crafting STORIES and HACKS aimed at tackling the moonshots of Increasing TrustReinventing Leadership, and Taking the Work out of Work. We are inspired and energized by the sheer variety and originality of the submissions—and we and our panel of Mavericks are hard at work on the difficult task of choosing just a few winners.

Less than two weeks remain before we choose our M-Prize winners, the MIXers who have contributed the best Stories and Hacks aligned with three of our Management Moonshots: Reinvent Leadership, Increase Trust, and Take the Work out of Work. One winner will receive a speaker's slot at HSM's World Innovation Forum in June 2011, and all winners will be featured in the McKinsey Quarterly and Gary Hamel's blog in The Wall Street Journal.