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Last year, the MIX joined forces with Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company to launch our most comprehensive contest ever: The Harvard Business Review/McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation. Our aim: to enlist the most progressive practitioners and thinkers around the world to advance the cause of making all organizations more resilient, inventive, inspiring, and accountable.

We asked for real-world case studies (STORIES) and radical ideas (HACKS) to address the challenges of migrating to Management 2.0Busting Bureaucracy, and Reimagining Capitalism for the Long-Term. We received some 400 robust contributions from every kind of management innovator in every realm of endeavor—and announced the grand prize winners earlier this summer. As we prepare to launch the second HBR/McKinsey M-Prize in September, we want to get you involved in the process even sooner—help us craft the Challenges we’ll put to management innovators everywhere.

Along with our partners and editorial team, we’ve zeroed in on a handful of challenges we think will help us make real strides in the overall goal of making organizations fit for the future (and fit for human beings). But this is your endeavor as much as ours, so we’re opening up the challenge nomination process to the world. We want to hear from you: What are the make-or-break challenges management innovators should focus their energies on this year?

Here’s how to play:

  • Review the Proposed Challenges
  • "Like" your favorite challenges.
  • Build on the challenges: Use the comment field to help us refine and focus the challenge question, push us in new directions, ask questions, suggest new angles.
  • Suggest your own challenge question: The best challenges are both aspirational and grounded. They take on fundamental institutional barriers and embedded management processes and suggest a practical way in to a big problem.

Like the M-Prize, this process is open to everyone. And, as always, we will be sharing the best contributions widely along with our partners at Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company.

Hack the M-Prize will run until September 16th. We’ll announce the winning Challenge and kick off the M-Prize at the end of the month. Life’s too short to work on inconsequential problems. Help us dream big. Help us hack the M-Prize.