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We’re thrilled to introduce you to the winners of the HCI Human Capital M-Prize on Leadership.




The Human Capital Institute (HCI) and the Management Information eXchange (MIX) are excited to announce the HCI Human Capital M-Prize -- The world's first award for innovation in human capital and strategic talent management.

What's your bold idea or radical fix for transforming human capital systems and leadership practices? You don't have to be a guru, CEO, or even a manager to have a good idea for changing the way our organizations manage their human capital. You just have to be frustrated by the status quo and willing to ask "What if"? 

Unleashing Human Capabilities

Human Capital Management is successful when it encourages people to contribute their own passion and energy to the organization. Passion is an incredibly powerful multiplier of human accomplishment, particularly when like-minded individuals converge around a worthy cause. Yet research shows that most employees are emotionally disengaged. They are unfulfilled, so they underperform, and the organization suffers. 

What if they were not only re-engaged, but passionately interested, and eager to contribute more? How do we transfer our passion to the people we lead? And how do we convert that passion to productivity?

Propose a Solution

The MIX and HCI are looking for the boldest thinking, most powerfully-developed vision, and the most cleverly-designed experiments for unleashing passion in our organizations. What is your bold new idea or radical solution to the lack of engagement and passion in our workforce? What game-changing story or hack can transform employees everywhere into more engaged, motivated and productive contributors?

shelley-catlin's picture
Leaders in educational institutions are facing new challenges, including increasing separation between traditional academic values and those of corporate ‘managerialism’.
By Shelley Catlin on October 4, 2011
john-nyawo's picture
Establish corporate practice and structures which balance decison-making power by involving employees including the selection and hiring of managers and making them accountable to their direct reports
By John Nyawo on October 4, 2011
elwood-f-holton's picture
Leaders need to embody the values of the generations they serve and through implementing the 7Cs model of social change and service learning this can become a reality!
By Elwood F Holton on November 22, 2011
naveen-khajanchi's picture
MOTIONS ; COMMOTION – EMOTION – PROMOTION - DEMOTION all co exist in all organisations.Problem: Most leaders and organizations operate in silo’s and there is no  &
By NAVEEN KHAJANCHI on December 5, 2011
rahul-kumar's picture
The Big Idea: Creating an organizational transformation story through the eyes of the leaders of the organization Concept: Almost all organizational changes/transform
By rahul kumar on September 25, 2011
jacobus-tolken's picture
 A newly appointed general manager (GM) managed to turn an unsuccessful company and not only achieving an unmatched level of performance, however he also created a trust culture in the workplace.
By Jacobus Tolken on October 4, 2011
rahul-kumar's picture
More often than not, Leaders are developed "Inside" an organization.
By rahul kumar on October 10, 2011
christian-driscoll's picture
Modern organisations need to communicate more successfully with employees by harnessing the power of web technology and social networking sites.
daniel-henderson's picture
We are living in a changing environment that demands that organisations develop their people to be innovative and flexible to succeed.
By Daniel Henderson on September 26, 2011
sergio-formas's picture
Across the World, prejudices and misperceptions are a common response to the immigration phenomenon.
By Sergio Formas on October 3, 2011
marco-minghetti's picture
The aim of the site is to show the particular italian approach to Humanistic Management, developed by Marco Minghetti in collaboration not only with a lot of m
By Marco Minghetti on December 5, 2011
reggie-clark's picture
Investment and performance are the underpinnings of building a successful leadership pipeline. These two decision points are the beginning and the end of talent management strategies.
By Reggie Clark on November 30, 2011