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M-Prize Challenge

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) and the Management Information eXchange (MIX) are excited to announce the HCI Human Capital M-Prize -- The world's first award for innovation in human capital and strategic talent management.

What's your bold idea or radical fix for transforming human capital systems and leadership practices? You don't have to be a guru, CEO, or even a manager to have a good idea for changing the way our organizations manage their human capital. You just have to be frustrated by the status quo and willing to ask "What if"? 

Unleashing Human Capabilities

Human Capital Management is successful when it encourages people to contribute their own passion and energy to the organization. Passion is an incredibly powerful multiplier of human accomplishment, particularly when like-minded individuals converge around a worthy cause. Yet research shows that most employees are emotionally disengaged. They are unfulfilled, so they underperform, and the organization suffers. 

What if they were not only re-engaged, but passionately interested, and eager to contribute more? How do we transfer our passion to the people we lead? And how do we convert that passion to productivity?

Propose a Solution

The MIX and HCI are looking for the boldest thinking, most powerfully-developed vision, and the most cleverly-designed experiments for unleashing passion in our organizations. What is your bold new idea or radical solution to the lack of engagement and passion in our workforce? What game-changing story or hack can transform employees everywhere into more engaged, motivated and productive contributors?

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None of us is as smart as all of us - a safe, confidential and trusting peer group can be a powerful process for innovation, helping with opportunities, problems, challenges and issues of
By Mike Richardson on December 29, 2010
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This phenonmenon is not very common but it isn't very rare too. You must have seen new employees being shown doors during the probation period of their employment.
By Naveen Kanthed on March 18, 2011
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An Anglican parish launches a bold experiment with a radical model of how to “do church,” by  replacing hierarchy with communities of passion, and unleashing the capabilities of its c
By Drew Williams on July 10, 2010
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Empower employees to create and fund their own initiatives by allocating a portion of their annual bonus pay, matched by the company.
By Kartik Subbarao on January 19, 2011
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Organizations are fundamentally human enterprises. Great organizations unleash the power of their human resources to gain a unique advantage.
By venkoba on December 22, 2010


  • Submit a real-world Story or a bold idea (aka Hack) related to the broad challenge of unleashing human capability/ enabling communities of passion.  
  • Participation is open to any level of employee at a corporation, business, or organization. Participants can enter individually or in teams.
  • To participate, register to the MIX and follow the guidelines for submitting a Story or Hack (be sure to indicate you are participating in the HCI Human Capital M-Prize contest, which is an option on a pull-down menu.).
  • MIXers may submit multiple contributions, and may revise and re-post their submissions up until the deadline.
  • Submissions may draw on secondary source materials but should be based primarily on first-hand experience or an original idea. In every case, be sure to credit all those who contributed to your story or hack and provide citations to external reference material).

The Human Capital M-Prize will unfold in two stages: a preliminary stage (Deadline: January 20, 2010) and a final round for six semi-finalists (Deadline: February 20, 2011).

  • All entries will be judged by a panel of MIX Mavericks (an elite group of leading management thinkers and progressive CEOs).
  • The judges will assess entries based on: clarity of thought and originality, potential for impact, feasibility of implementation, and popularity.
  • Judges will provide targeted feedback to finalists as they refine their entries for the final round.
  • Winners will be announced at the 2011 HCI Human Capital Summit in Atlanta, GA on March 9, 2011 and on the MIX site the following day.
  • Visit the Human Capital M-Prize homepage to see other contest entries and receive regular updates.


Prizes include: 

  • Grand Prize - The chance to present the winning proposal story or hack to a progressive global audience at the 2011 HCI Human Capital Summit in Atlanta, GA on March 9th.
  • Finalists Prize - All three finalists will receive travel and accommodations to Atlanta for the Summit, along with a full conference pass and an iPad (or equivalent prize)
  • Semi-Finalist Prize - All six semi-finalists will receive a full conference pass to the Summit and an iPad (or equivalent prize)
  • Global recognition: All winners will be featured on the MIX and MIX partner websites (e.g.,, McKinsey Quarterly, Gary Hamel WSJ's blog). 
  • Featured placement on the MIX (and a substantial boost to your reputational capital and ranking on the MIX).