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Focus the work of management on a higher purpose

"We need companies that feel like movements."

Most companies strive to maximize shareholder wealth—a goal that is inadequate in many respects. As an emotional catalyst, wealth maximization lacks the power to fully mobilize human energies. It’s an insufficient defense when people question the legitimacy of corporate power. And it’s not specific or compelling enough to spur renewal. Individuals need a compelling answer to the question, “What’s worth my life?” And organizations must offer a compelling case for why what they do matters—an original and persuasive blueprint for where their industry could and should be going. Going forward, management practices must focus on the achievement of socially significant and noble goals.

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The meetings we endured and designed, added to frustrations and stress in an already caustic work place.
Story by Ellen Weber on July 31, 2010
As a surveyor engaged in the measurement of many school buildings and grounds, Alison Watson was inspired by the enthusiasm and curiosity demonstrated by the many children and young people she encount
Story by Alison Watson on October 5, 2010
Drill down along the C dimension.Not in the acronym order, but starting with the third one, that we can have a large impact on.Complexity is the root cause of lack o
Hack by Frederic J.Leconte on October 26, 2017
I have heard around always knowledge workers need special type of attention compare to blue collar jobs.
Story by Chris Shayan on February 9, 2013
Corporate politics are a drag on innovation and employee engagement.  Too many managers are worried about not rocking the boat or aligning themselves with the right corporate officer to ensure th
Story by Stuart Thompson on September 16, 2010
The Big Idea: Creating an organizational transformation story through the eyes of the leaders of the organization Concept: Almost all organizational changes/transform
Hack by rahul kumar on September 25, 2011
 I believe architecture is resemblance of culture and discipline of either organization or architect.If culture has some issues, then created architecture will be very brittle,and if the architec
Story by Chris Shayan on November 12, 2012
It begins with you! In the greater sense of all aspects there are no cultural differences. Many of today’s existing, foremost believed cultures are simply pictured by different markets environments.
Story by Hans Soentgerath on November 7, 2010
NO ONE HAS A SINGULAR ROLE OF LEADER AT ANYTIMENo one in the world has a singular role of a Leader at any point of time.
PrefaceI just finished another reading from my book stack. It is called The will of Power(German: "Der Wille zur Macht") by Friedrich Nietzsche.
Story by Chris Shayan on May 23, 2012