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Focus the work of management on a higher purpose

"We need companies that feel like movements."

Most companies strive to maximize shareholder wealth—a goal that is inadequate in many respects. As an emotional catalyst, wealth maximization lacks the power to fully mobilize human energies. It’s an insufficient defense when people question the legitimacy of corporate power. And it’s not specific or compelling enough to spur renewal. Individuals need a compelling answer to the question, “What’s worth my life?” And organizations must offer a compelling case for why what they do matters—an original and persuasive blueprint for where their industry could and should be going. Going forward, management practices must focus on the achievement of socially significant and noble goals.

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Composting is a wonderful way to engage your employees in a green initiative which takes very little time but has a major impact overall. 
Story by Samantha Hager on March 30, 2017
Some time ago, I watched a free webinar by Dr. Daniel H. Kim, co-founder of Pegasus communications, about the need to invent the 3rd Generation of Leadership for the XXI century.
Hack by Olivier Lavergne on December 2, 2010
NO ONE HAS A SINGULAR ROLE OF LEADER AT ANYTIMENo one in the world has a singular role of a Leader at any point of time.
St. Peter got out of the boat and walked on water for a while. Distractions made him sink. How does this apply to leadership in management.
Story by Jim McGriff, Jr. on July 20, 2015
Innovation.  Strategy.  While not synonyms, the two words go hand in hand.  If a company is talking about innovation, the conversation better include how such innovation will help the c
Story by John Hepokoski on May 5, 2019
Corporate politics are a drag on innovation and employee engagement.  Too many managers are worried about not rocking the boat or aligning themselves with the right corporate officer to ensure th
Story by Stuart Thompson on September 16, 2010
To bring about a person’s full capacity is true motivation.  In order to accomplish such a goal an incentive program in which personalized incentives are executed for each employee will result in
Hack by Devin Stewart on March 15, 2011
The risk in every innovation is that can produce a revolution or even worst anarchy...I think that especially in some countries and in some cultures, Management 2.0 could become a strong tool to contr
Hack by Giuseppe Satriani on July 10, 2011
The central premise is that capitalism in its current form is not broken.  Merely that it cannot operate in a vacuum, and without moral foundation.
Hack by Graeme Gellatly on May 8, 2012
Marry Innovation and LeadershipAn Innovative Leader influences by engaging Self, culture and systems equally. Lleadership and innovation are innately connected, and share a deep commonality with
Hack by Maureen Metcalf on August 30, 2012
Co-Authored By Mark Palmer