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Focus the work of management on a higher purpose

"We need companies that feel like movements."

Most companies strive to maximize shareholder wealth—a goal that is inadequate in many respects. As an emotional catalyst, wealth maximization lacks the power to fully mobilize human energies. It’s an insufficient defense when people question the legitimacy of corporate power. And it’s not specific or compelling enough to spur renewal. Individuals need a compelling answer to the question, “What’s worth my life?” And organizations must offer a compelling case for why what they do matters—an original and persuasive blueprint for where their industry could and should be going. Going forward, management practices must focus on the achievement of socially significant and noble goals.

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There is no future for any pure -ism including capitalism. Life is too complex and interdependent for that. We need organic institutions with a clear view of purpose and values.
Story by Mickey Huibregtsen on May 2, 2012
Industries and markets are led by organizations that have great products and services.
Hack by Bibi N. Alli on September 28, 2016
The World may well be on a trajectory which alters it's environment such that it is prematurely unsustainable for human-kind to exist.
Hack by Greg Stevenson on May 26, 2011
 The mission and responsibility of corporate management is to steer the company to reach its goals.
Hack by János Pál NÉMETH on April 27, 2013
Managementas an occupation is adistraction to real leadership.  Think of the oneperson you have hadin your career that you admired most as a leader.
Hack by Aaron Anderson on June 22, 2011
A recent study by the economists from MIT, UOC and CMU, suggest that financial incentives, no longer are the primary motivational drivers of increasing business performance, especially when it comes t
Hack by Charles Prabakar on October 17, 2011
Employees’ hidden talent can give wings to an organization. Too often, management itself is the obstacle.
Hack by Vivek Pai Kochikar on December 19, 2011
A chance question during a seminar exposed a cultural norm at Menlo Innovations that confounds most corporate thinkers. Menlo has no hierarchy. They are a team in the truest sense of the word.
Story by Richard Sheridan on July 14, 2013
Companies like to follow industry best practices, but these practices are often far from the best.
Hack by Matt Shlosberg on June 2, 2010
Engaging senior level experience in a constructive way by creating critical friends.
Hack by Mark McDonald on August 30, 2011