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Redefine the work of leadership

“There is a need to move beyond the heroic model of leadership—because most leaders aren’t, in fact, very heroic.”

The era of the all-wise, all-powerful leader-as-decisionmaker is over. Leaders must become savvy social architects—individuals who are capable of building environments that engender extraordinary accomplishment. To make this transition from “command and control” to “motivate and mentor,” organizations need to develop leaders who are capable of building commitment and alignment without resorting to the traditional tools of bureaucratic control. The goal: an organization filled with leaders who lift everyone up.

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Using fluid team structures 1) to promote new serendipitous connections and innovation, 2) to develop people for competencies rather than prescribed roles, 3) to better match those people to business
Hack by Ben Biddle on May 9, 2012
Teaming, also referred to as a self-directed work structure, participative management or a high performance work system, is a cultural priority for GE Aviation Supply Chain.  It is an effort to m
Story by Rasheedah Jones on July 14, 2013
The idea of our hack wants to challenge the highly unconscious, but nothing less dominant dogma of heroic leadership, epitomizing the command and control management model.
Hack by Michael Gebauer on June 20, 2011
I propose that businesses should adopt an approach of publicly reporting on customer delight/satisfaction in the same way that financial performance is reported today.
Hack by Rudi Sellers on October 30, 2013
The Foundation for Technical Education in Iraq wanted a world-class development model for its College CEO's  (Deans).
Story by Tony Nelson on October 18, 2011