Rethink the philosophical foundations of management

“We need more than new management practices, we need new management principles.”

It’s no longer enough just to be operationally excellent.Organizations must be adaptable, innovative, inspiring, and socially responsible. That means rebuilding the foundations of management thought and practice. Scholars and practitioners alike must search for new principles in fields as diverse as anthropology, biology, design, political science, urban planning, and theology.

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I'm looking for innovative ideas on what an MBA OB/HRM program would include? What courses would you have? What new ideas would you bring in? What have you seen out there that is already working?
Barrier by Marc Hurwitz on May 29, 2014
Retention of people who think differently is tricky in traditional-thinking organisations where traditional-thinking managers continuously recruit into their own image.
Barrier by Heidi De Wolf on May 3, 2013
With so many potential leaders yet very little innovation, what is holding leaders back?
Barrier by K. Lanier on October 17, 2012
Productivity was the central tenet of Taylorism—the foundation of today's business management.
Barrier by Pujan Roka on March 31, 2013
A new perspective on human nature, particularly on human needs, allows us to develop a dynamic model of the organization and an integrated top-down-bottom-up approach to management.
Hack by Cristian Mitreanu on December 10, 2011
Change has changed.  The nature of change itself has changed.  It has become much more like a dynamic journey on a shifting landscape.  We are supposed to be In the
Hack by Mike Richardson on October 15, 2010
At Klick Health, we have developed a transformative operating system, called Genome, that uses big data and social technologies to customize the employee experience, increase engagement, speed-up mast
Story by Chelsea Lefaivre on March 31, 2014