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Innovating Innovation

With the Innovating Innovation challenge we’re looking for your stories and hacks on how to make innovation a real capability in organizations.  With the Quick MIX, we gave you an easy way to engage and inspire others on a related question: what is the one thing you’d change to make organizations more innovation-friendly?

Like the M-Prize, this process was open to everyone.  The best contributions are being recognized on our blog, on, and in the social media channels of the MIX, Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company.

What is the one thing you'd change to make organizations more innovation-friendly?

Submitted Ideas

Foster and open information culture

Idea by Gerhard Goldbeck on November 20, 2012
Open data and open access are revolutionising the way we think about things and as a consequence innovate. Organisations need to embrace this culture, make it their own, and actively look for ways that enable everyone in the organisation to make use of these vast resources.

Instead of performance appraisal - a "make mistakes we can learn from" competition

Idea by Marcelo Michelsohn on November 20, 2012
Innovation flourish in an environment of excitement and not fear. Top leaders should announce an organization wide competition for the person, department, project team that can generate more learning from mistakes they make. The learnings should be shared. Top leaders should start the process by sharing their mistakes and learnings with all the organization, at least once a week, so people understand that this is for real. People should be able to comment and vote to choose the best ones.

Won't Get Fooled Again

Idea by Moises Norena on November 27, 2012
Organization get fooled when information is protected, unavailable, not democratized, re-loops are necessary and people can easily be miss guided. The value creation in innovation happens when information is converted into insights, making information (consumer, market, competitive, financial) available to everyone within the walls of an organization removes useless power struggles and drives attention to value-added activities.

Marketing for Everyone!

Idea by Julio Sanchez on November 22, 2012
Corporations want innovations that they actually care about, so why not having a free and visible source of marketing insights for everyone to see things such as new trends of consumption? While having the right policies and processes for innovation, making marketing available for every employee can foster innovation ideas in the way that companies need.

Show Don't Tell

Idea by Moises Norena on November 26, 2012
We can spend all kinds of time in meetings showing power points to explain how great our innovation process is and convincing our leaders of the need to drive more of it. Finding opportunities to showcase the insights, the prototypes, the way things manifest in real life, with the passionate innovators presenting them goes a long way when it comes to driving inspiration and behavior. Innovators must find and produce these opportunities to create internal "demand" for innovation.

Drive by Crowd-Sourcing

Idea by Todd Noebel on November 20, 2012
Have electronic whiteboards throughout office/facility. ANY individual can post an idea/concept and it appears on other whiteboards for people to add their input. Capture these centrally and encourage teams around the ideas to build out the concepts. Primary rule - no negative comments. But do allow for, "if not X, than Y" alternatives with an underlying theme of "How do we make this true/come into being?".

Stick Up

Idea by Ian Sherman on November 22, 2012
Start a white board in a common area that is accessible to everyone. Give everyone a stack of funky coloured sticky notes (from the junior associate to the CEO). Anonymous or not, allow everyone to; 'stick-up' an original idea (topical like customer service, or not), or stick-up a connecting or improving caveat to another posted idea. Provide white board markers to promote drawing connections between them at any time. Discuss the ideas that stand out at your next formal brainstorm.

several things

Idea by sherry on November 21, 2012
more info sharing on latest-n-greatest, less channels to pass thru for approval, reward staff for innovative ideas, practice what we preach at all levels, bust a move! strategic innovative gatherings a couple times per year