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Innovating Innovation

With the Innovating Innovation challenge we’re looking for your stories and hacks on how to make innovation a real capability in organizations.  With the Quick MIX, we gave you an easy way to engage and inspire others on a related question: what is the one thing you’d change to make organizations more innovation-friendly?

Like the M-Prize, this process was open to everyone.  The best contributions are being recognized on our blog, on, and in the social media channels of the MIX, Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company.

What is the one thing you'd change to make organizations more innovation-friendly?

Submitted Ideas

The Future of Work is Play

Idea by Ross Smith on November 19, 2012
21st century Organizations must introduce games, play, and fun to spark the next gen creative class. Early civilizations integrated work and play to survive. In the Industrial era, work and play were separated and the world of work changed – from mechanization and Taylorism to the time clock. With the rise of creative work and the push for innovation in this new millenium, it’s now time to reintroduce play, games, and fun in to the workplace. The future of work is play.

Synthetic thinking

Idea by Alfredo Bregni on November 20, 2012

Parallel: A MMORPG designed for accelerating innovation

Idea by Benjamin Forestier on November 20, 2012
World of Warcraft have reached recently 12 millions users. Imagine that you'd have all this people working or should I say gaming to create and imagine innovative ideas ? People playing MMORPG are usally creative, passionate and skilled, good skills to innovate. So why not building a MMORPG occuring in a parallel virtual world in which the gamers could take the ownership of their avatars to create their own quest (innovative ideas). Moreover real project could be backtest in this parallel market

Colorful Thinking & Dialogue Writing for kill " i " Inertia

Idea by S.Alireza Kashizad on November 20, 2012
Psychological Inertia is the main barrier for Innovative action.When " i " think about innovation,I involved with " i " inertia's. Our idea is: Colorful Thinking & Dialogue Writing... how? Dialogue Writing by our cell phones. With SMS we write the own idea and share it with colleagues, Friends and our Family.We make the Networks of ideas for Networks of problems. Problems of our Family,Friends and Organizations. Innovation-friendly is our habit! Because we can overcome to " i " Inertia's.

Ask for ideas, from everyone

Idea by Lisa McTigue Pierce on November 21, 2012
When you've identified a problem that needs solving, ask people around you what they would do. You might be surprised at some of the innovative solutions they come up with. Sometimes that's how a germ of an idea grows.

Create an environment that doesn't kill ideas with red cards and yellow cards

Idea by Mario Morales, CEO Innovare on November 20, 2012
Most organisations have a culture that kills new ideas and are not idea-friendly. We have invented something to avoid this, inspired by the red and yellow cards from soccer. If someone is caught making a negative comment about an idea on an ideation session or informal meeting, his peers can show him a yellow card, which signals that he is trying to kill an idea. If the same person makes another negative comment he will be shown the red card and must leave the room.

Create Smartstorming Sessions

Idea by chris wilson, function point on November 20, 2012
We are driving to build a culture with trust, respect and getting into what I call a smartstorming session. It's simple...committed time every week to smart storm or brainstorm and work on the job rather than in it. Put the bosses stopwatch away. Brainstorm and then set up a take away each week and create, create, create!!

In B2B sales impromptu brainstorms create the right innovations

Idea by Felix Gruijters on November 25, 2012
Too many innovations are created behind desks by people who think they know what the client wants. In B2B the salespersons can offer a clear insight into the client's requirements. At Nuon (a Dutch energy company) the sales person takes the initiative to set up an impromptu brainstorm. Typically he will invite colleagues from all parts of the company. Together they will generate a solution to the client's question. This shared approach creates a stimulus and a shared platform for innovation.