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Innovating Innovation

With the Innovating Innovation challenge we’re looking for your stories and hacks on how to make innovation a real capability in organizations.  With the Quick MIX, we gave you an easy way to engage and inspire others on a related question: what is the one thing you’d change to make organizations more innovation-friendly?

Like the M-Prize, this process was open to everyone.  The best contributions are being recognized on our blog, on, and in the social media channels of the MIX, Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company.

What is the one thing you'd change to make organizations more innovation-friendly?

Submitted Ideas

Re-shore manufacturing with our advanced VizPlanet/VizPlant platform, with a “global reach & yet with a local presence”!

Idea by Charles Prabakar on December 1, 2012
With so much rhetoric being thrown these days, to onshore manufacturing, we suggest an advanced, win: win value proposition, to re-shore it, with a “global reach & yet with a local presence”, using our VizPlanet/VizPlant platform, that is designed, by combining physical devices with digital telemetry, to enable certain repetitive functions, to be remotely operated by global resources (without off-shoring the full plant), saving substantial non strategic cost. Plz read my VizPlanet hack for more.

Make Failing OK

Idea by Viv McAlister on November 23, 2012
To encourage innovation you have to make failing Ok. Too many people are afraid to try something new/different because they are afraid it won`t work out and often this has an impact on performance rating and potentially earnings. Trying something new and failing should be seen as an opportunity to learn - encourage people to think about what they learned and what they would do differently next time and recognise them for trying something new

Encourage Exoerimentation and Risk Taking

Idea by Edna Pasher on November 23, 2012
I have learnt that lack of courage is the leading barrier to innovation. People are afraid to experiment, since they are afraid to fail. People within organizations look for security - or they would create their own organizations... So the challenge is to encourage employees who hate risk to innovate with a safety net - within the organization !!! This is an innovation-friendly organization - it breeds a culture of entrepreneurship for non-entrepreneurs :)

Make trust real at all levels

Idea by Deborah Mills-Scofield on November 26, 2012
If people really feel trusted - which implies (to me) respect, autonomy, accountability, freedom to try, freedom to fail & learn - innovation would become safer. I think trust is fundamental.

Teaching to fail through new role models

Idea by Ismael Pulido de la Calle on November 22, 2012
In most organizations the most valuated leaders proudly display their infallibility through an impeccable resume full of success only. Also in business schools teach us the keys of management only through success stories, or sometimes through cases of failures adequately sweetened and always with a happy ending. I think there's a lack of adequate models of failure, to enhance the resilience of organizations creating mechanisms to reward the "good failure" out of the short term view paradigm.

Give everyone a "smart failures" quota on their goal setting

Idea by Mario Morales, CEO Innovare on November 20, 2012
One key driver to create an innovation-friendly company is have people lose their fear of failure. We have done this by providing 3 "permission to fail" cards to each employee per year. This means that if someone "fails" by trying new innovative things during the year, they can use the card as a safety net to avoid any punishment or negative consequences on their performance appraisal, bonuses, etc. For a card to be accepted, the "failure" should not be a negligence.

Flank the obstruction, "human nature"

Idea by Jim Smith on November 20, 2012
With decades of really smart psychologists & expert management authors , it strikes me odd few deal with the importance of human nature Wikipedia defines innovation as "(Lat. innovare: "to change") rather than doing the same thing better." Employees will not risk their career to help, their perception of risk from management is their reality. Innovate, ask them to tell you anonymously the truly stupid things the company is doing! One client did it: $<300M> sustainable in 10 weeks. It works!

Unconditional love and trust

Idea by Naveen khajanchi on November 20, 2012
Its necessary to create a wholesome space of trust in the individual . Each individual is blessed with some wonderful qualities inside , nudge them with love and care to help him tap into them . Allow the freedom and space to experiment and fail yet remain objective with passion ...wonder's will start happening . Purposeful purposelessness will become the unsaid environment and culture .