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Innovating Innovation

With the Innovating Innovation challenge we’re looking for your stories and hacks on how to make innovation a real capability in organizations.  With the Quick MIX, we gave you an easy way to engage and inspire others on a related question: what is the one thing you’d change to make organizations more innovation-friendly?

Like the M-Prize, this process was open to everyone.  The best contributions are being recognized on our blog, on, and in the social media channels of the MIX, Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company.

What is the one thing you'd change to make organizations more innovation-friendly?

Submitted Ideas

An Innovation Hack where the whole company votes the winner...

Idea by Peter Frings on November 20, 2012
Announce a Hack Day where teams present their idea. (Teams are encouraged to be cross-departmental, and are given a significant number of days to prepare their pitch.) The presentations are seen by/distributed to everyone in the company, who then get to vote. Lots of kudos to the winners... which is then amplified because the winning idea has to be backed and funded by the Board. This approach sends the message that anyone can innovate and that innovation is 'bottom up'.

making innovation 'human' -- choose people well and treat them like royalty

Idea by Alka Puri on November 20, 2012
All tools & technologies depend on one single factor -- how you engage you 'people' -- employees, suppliers, customers, all those who are relevant to your organization. So find the best people you can, and then provide them the opportunity to grow, talk, share, trust, do, believe, hope, play, and enjoy!