Positions (and accompanying titles) are reflective of the rigid, hierarchical, fear-ridden and overly centralized organizations that [irrespective of the organization and by themselves] both set-up an
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Improve leadership by making strategic leadership easier.The OpenStrategies’ strategic information platform enables ‘open strategising’ which:engages stakeholders in collaborative strategy development
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By introducing a series of 5 predictive people management processes, HR and people management shifts from a reactive to proactive function.
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A MissionMosaic mixes individual stories of staff which mirror a mission value into a coherent whole.
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We hear a lot these days about corporate social responsibility.
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Bring at work your best values that characterize your relations with your children, your parents or with your best friends to build an open and creative climate, make your customers happy and create a
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Deploy an anonymous electronic reporting system solution that enables middle management to report the enacted values of senior leadership (upper echelon) to the governance level thereby making senior
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