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According to Michael Porter value is the chain of activities for a company that operates in a specific industry.
By Avijit Saha on March 15, 2011
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The sustainability of a business is a process to fulfill the target to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability to generate the yield to meet the future business needs.
By Avijit Saha on February 25, 2011
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SME requires different approach in product strategical, management, and development process: why?Generally small and medium size Enterprises (SMEs) have limited resources compared to a large company.
By Avijit Saha on December 7, 2010
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‘Desmond David Hume’ is a character of famous thriller TV series ‘Lost’. In every 108 minutes he enters a number into the computer to save the world.
By Avijit Saha on December 3, 2010